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- KP-A288 : Wearable AI Assistant (Frenbyb)

    • KP-A288 : Wearable AI Assistant (Frenbyb)
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    • Special Features :
      - Frenby is a small A.I. assistant with Amazon Alexa
      - It supports English, Japanese, German, French, and Spanish.
      - You can use the Frenby to smart home control, listening to music and radio stations, alarm , audio books, news, time, weather, etc
      -#160;Unlike current AI speakers, which are fixed, Frenby is wearable and can be used while moving.
      - So you can use your AI assistant anytime, anywhere.
      - Especially , for visially impaired and elderly people who have difficulty using their smartphones, AI Assistant `Frenby` can help a lot and improve their quality of life.
    • Key Speciations :
      - Size: 33x55x13.7 mm
      - Weight: 25g
      - Trigger: Touch
      - Firmware Update: Using OTA
      - Charging Time: 1 hour by micro USB
      - Battery: Stan-by Time 48 hour
      - Connectivity: 2.4GHz wifi 802.11 b/g/n
      - Color: Black / White
      - Language: English(Australia, Canada, India, UK and US), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
    • Contact Details :
      KT Lee (Mr)
      <b>Suwon City Government</b>
      241, Hyowon-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi,
      Republic of Korea, 442-701
      Tel: +82-31-228-3102, 2102,
      Fax: +82-31-224-3711, +82-31-228-3705
      <a href="">Email :</a>
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KT Lee (Mr)
Suwon City Government
241, Hyowon-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi,
Republic of Korea, 442-701
Tel: +82-31-228-3102, 2102
Fax: +82-31-228-3711
Email :

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