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About us

Suwon municioal government helps suwon companies export successfully

TRADE.GO.KR assists Suwon exporters international sales strategies in today's global marketplace from trade leads to export finance information. We help Suwon exporters navigate the international sales process.
The Department of International Trade of Suwon manages as a collaborative effort with the overseas Sister City governments that offer export assistance programs and services. Thanks.

Inside suwon

  • Samsung electronics
  • The world's largest electronics company
  • panorama of Samsung electronics
  • Samsung Electronics was founded in Suwon in 1969.
    Despite its short history, it is the fastest growing company & a global leader in consumer electronics, mobile phones, memory and LCD panels.
    Samsung will continue its effort to restructure the company to be respected and admired by people around the world.

Culture & Living

  • UNESCO world cultural heritage - Photo of hwaseong fortress UNESCO World Cultural Heritage-Hwaseong Fortress
  • Photo of hwaseonghaenggung royal palace Hwaseonghaenggung Royal Palace
  • Photo of International school in SUWON International School in SUWON
  • Symbol mark of foreign language high school in SUWON Foreign Language High School in SUWON

Living & Sports

  • Photo of Saint vincent hospital Saint Vincent Hospital
  • Photo of wholesale Marts in SUWON Wholesale Marts in SUWON
  • Photo of worldcup Stadium in SUWON Worldcup Stadium in SUWON
  • Photo of SUWON Global Village SUWON Global Village